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Parent coaching in Denver and Northglenn

Need help advocating for your gifted, 2e, or differently wired child?

PEAK Exceptional Services offers parent consultation services to assist parents in fully understanding and advocating for their children’s needs. We specialize in working with children and teens, particularly gifted and twice exceptional (2e) students and those who struggle with ADHD and learning disorders.

Parent consultation offers an important resource for struggling families who are confused about the  process of getting their children help within the school system. If you are worn out by conflict with the school and discouraged about their lack of understanding of your child’s needs, we can help.

Gifted, 2e, and differently wired children have unique struggles that are often missed or misunderstood by teachers, healthcare providers (including mental health professionals), friends, and family. It’s no wonder that they have trouble getting the supports they need within the school system!

A parent consultation with our expert staff will help you understand how to seek help for your child. We offer a review of assessments completed with in the school system, and/or with other providers. This helps us to provide you with a clear understanding of the process of seeking a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child.

Help with parenting your gifted or 2e child

Do you ever feel helpless as a parent, not knowing what to do about your child’s behavior?

Let’s face it – kids don’t come with an instruction manual.

Every child is unique and has their own personality and set of strengths and challenges. If your child is gifted, twice-exceptional, or somehow differently wired, understanding their needs can be even more challenging.

They can be intense, even explosive, and helping them to regulate their own behavior can become the focus of daily life.

If you are lying awake at night thinking, “How can I get the school to help my kid?” then a parent consultation can offer solutions for you.

You don’t have to muddle through this by yourself.

We understand the complex nature of parenting and advocating for gifted and 2e children.

parent counseling in Denver and Northglenn

Don’t muddle through this alone – We can help!

Parenting is a daily challenge that poses problems and situations you never imagined you would face!

We are here to be your partner and teammate so you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

We specialize in coaching and supporting parents to help them seek much needed supports and interventions for their children.

We can move you from the chaos of feeling helpless and anxious to a peace that comes from confidence in knowing how “the system” works.

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