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Dr. Terri Lucero
Dr. Terri LuceroExecutive Director/Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Lucero is a gifted and 2e specialist who offers psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments, parent consultations, and coaching. She is passionate about working collaboratively with parents, students, and educators to identify giftedness, ADHD, and learning disabilities. She also consults with parents to assist with educational decisions and advocacy for the needs of their gifted and 2e children.
Liz (Gardner) Glennon, M.A., LPC
Liz (Gardner) Glennon, M.A., LPCIndividual and Family Therapist
Liz is a licensed professional counselor with an expertise in family relationships and the unique needs of gifted and 2e children. She has an uncanny ability to connect with tweens and teens and is able to effectively bridge the communication gap between children and parents. Liz uses a systems framework and proven techniques based on Attachment Theory and Structural Family Therapy. She has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as well.
Kendra Wood, M.S., MFTC
Kendra Wood, M.S., MFTCChild and Family Therapist
Kendra is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in child and family therapy. She is passionate about working with young children and uses a hands-on approach to engage children and families through meaningful experiences. Kendra utilizes therapeutic models such as Structural Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, as well as play therapy techniques.
Elizabeth Morarie
Elizabeth MorarieExecutive Function and Academic Coach
Elizabeth is an experienced teacher and motivator who has extensive experience working with gifted and 2e children. She is passionate about helping kids connect with and highlight their strengths, while challenging and developing areas of weakness.
Marni Choice-Hermosillo, Ed.S.
Marni Choice-Hermosillo, Ed.S.Staff Clinician / School Psychologist
Marni is a school psychologist with extensive experience providing comprehensive assessments for giftedness and twice-exceptionality and counseling services for students of all ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. She is also in the process of completing her Ph.D., with and emphasis on the unique needs of gifted children and their parents and families.
Mary Blomquist, MS, NCSP
Mary Blomquist, MS, NCSPGifted Testing Specialist
Mary has worked as a school psychologist for over twenty years. She has extensive experience assessing and working with a variety of diverse populations. Throughout her career, Mary has had advanced training and experience assessing and providing services to gifted and twice exceptional students. She is offering her knowledge and experience in conducting and interpreting psychoeducational assessments.
Debbie Mancuso
Debbie MancusoOffice Manager
Debbie is our office manager extraordinaire! She is well-versed in all things PEAK and is happy to help with scheduling, questions about our services or providers, or billing questions.