PEAK Exceptional Services
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Meaningful insights
into exceptional minds.

Comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments for children, teens, and adults with learning differences.


Get the insights, tools, and resources to help you or your child thrive – in school, at home, and in life.

Anyone can give you scores on a page. But what do they mean? And more importantly, how do they help you find your way forward?

At PEAK Exceptional Services, our comprehensive assessments look beyond the obvious to build a bridge into the inner world of individuals with learning differences and other forms of neurodiversity. We understand the many complexities that come with these differences and dig deep to uncover the one-of-a-kind set of strengths and challenges that make them who they are. Then we leverage these insights to create a roadmap for success.

With our customized psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments, clients walk away with so much more than a list of scores. They’re equipped with the information, tools, and resources to best support them and their learning styles. Armed with information, insights, and support, the sky’s the limit.

What makes you tick? What learning environment is best for your child?
Are they gifted? Could it be ADHD?

Let us help you get answers to all your questions and concerns. Call today.

PEAK Services

Conditions We See

PEAK specializes in neurodiversity-affirmative assessment services for differently wired children, teens, and adults. Whether you’re looking for IQ testing for school admission or need a comprehensive psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment, here are some of the conditions we evaluate for:

  • Giftedness

  • Twice Exceptionality (2e)

  • Specific Learning Disabilities (Reading, Writing, Math)

  • Academic Underachievement

  • Executive Function Deficits

  • Processing Disorders

  • Dyslexia

  • Stealth Dyslexia

  • ADHD and ADD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • And More…

We also help clients who need comprehensive assessments for special education services (IEP and 504 Plans) or college admission testing accomodations, like SAT or GRE exams.

Testing Instruments
We Use

We use the most widely accepted IQ tests, achievement tests, educational, psychological, and neuropsychological assessment instruments. That’s because these well-known tests produce the highest quality assessment services.  That said, each assessment is tailored to your individual needs. Some of the most common tests we use include:

    IQ test for children aged 3 – 5

  • WISC-V
    IQ test for children aged 6-15

    IQ test for adults and teenagers 16 and older

  • WIAT-4
    Formal academic achievement test

  • CTOPP 2
    Dyslexia testing for phonological processing

  • BASC-3
    Measure of emotional and behavioral functioning

  • BRIEF 2
    Formal measure of executive functioning

  • Conners 4
    Assessment of ADD/ADHD symptoms & behaviors

  • MIGDAS-2
    Neurodiversity-Affirmative evaluation for Autism
  • Various educational, psychological, and neuropsychological tests

Our Locations

PEAK serves clients all across the Front Range of Colorado from our conveniently located Westminster office.

**NOTE: We are NOT accepting new clients for our Denver office, as this location will be closing soon.


8471 Turnpike Drive
Suite 110
Westminster, CO 80031


Diamond Hill Office Complex
2480 West 26th Ave.
Suite 10-B
Denver, CO 80211