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Worried About Your Gifted or Differently Wired Child?

Consider Child Therapy and Family Counseling in Denver or Northglenn

Some children are “wired differently” and can exhibit strong emotions or behaviors that are difficult to understand and to deal with as a parent.

Whatever problems you’re having with your child – gifted, twice exceptional (2e), “bright and quirky,” or neurodiverse – our team of therapists has specialized training and experience in child therapy and family counseling that help your child and bring you peace of mind.

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child therapy for gifted and 2e kids in Northglenn and Denver

You’re here because you have a child who is special in some way – your child is gifted, 2e, or seems “wired differently” than other children.

Yet, what often comes with this uniqueness are emotions and behaviors that are challenging for your child, and can be extremely frustrating for you, as a parent.

You may feel alone and isolated.

You worry that your child is always going to struggle and have a difficult life.

You’re not alone.

These are all natural worries for parents of gifted, 2e children, or children who are different in some way.

Child and family counseling for your gifted, twice exceptional (2e), or differently wired child can help your child develop emotionally and socially.

Common characteristics and behaviors your child may be experiencing:

  • has been assessed as being gifted, 2e, or having another related issue such as ADHD or learning differences
  • is above average intelligence, learns quickly, and seems ahead of her peers
  • is behind peers in social skills
  • is unusually perfectionist and very self-critical
  • has intense emotional reactions or “meltdowns”
  • is extra sensitive to sounds or physical sensations – gets extremely upset when exposed to them
  • questions or rebels against you, teachers, and other adults
  • has learning challenges, ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism or another challenge

As a parent, you may be saying to yourself:

  • “I don’t understand my child and don’t know how to help him.”
  • “I’m worried that my child is always going to be a loner without friends.”
  • “What am I doing wrong? I’ve read all kinds of books on giftedness and nothing seems to help.”
  • “I’m sick of constant complaints about my child from the school and other parents.”
  • “I’m exhausted. I lay awake at night worrying about my child and wonder if she’ll ever behave more like other children.”
  • “I get so frustrated with my child’s meltdowns. His sadness and anger are so intense. It is so difficult to be patient with him.”
  • “My child is so advanced academically. Why does she seem so far behind other kids emotionally and socially?”
child therapy in northglenn and denver

Blaming yourself for not having the expertise to help your child doesn’t help. It only makes you feel more drained and helpless.

With the help of family counseling and child therapy, you can become more accepting of yourself and your child, while you discover better ways of dealing with the behaviors that sometimes drive you crazy.

We don’t use a one-size-fits all counseling approach.

Our team of family and child therapy specialists believe that all children, and all families are like snowflakes – Each is unique in their personalities, values, and behaviors, and each requires a unique approach in counseling.

The key is to figure out exactly what your child’s specific issues are and what is triggering them. We aim to get at the root of the problems. Then, we can develop a strategy to help you and your child overcome or manage them better.

Our goal is to help you, your child, and your family function with less stress and more harmony.

Here are some of the benefits of family therapy and counseling with us:

  • Help to reduce or eliminate problem behaviors
  • Build your child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Help your child manage her emotions so that she is calmer and behaves appropriately when situations arise that disturb her
  • Your child will develop better social skills and have better relationships with peers
  • Have a better understanding of your child’s behaviors and become more skilled in helping him or her
  • Feel calmer and more in control, knowing that you have what it takes to manage any difficult situation with your child

Our Counselors are Compassionate, Highly Relatable, and Use a Strengths-based Approach to Child Therapy in Northglenn and Denver

It doesn’t matter how challenging your child’s behaviors may be, as counselors, we have the expertise that can help.

We understand children who are unique and the struggle it creates for parents like you.

Our therapists are highly experienced and skilled. We utilize the most well-regarded and research-based treatment approaches available.

We focus on your child’s strengths and build upon them to help solve the problems.

We work with all the systems that your child is part of – whether that be your family, the school, or other groups your child is involved with. We know that this multi-faceted approach is the best way of helping your child for the long term.

You have the capacity to provide everything you and your family needs to cope with a gifted or “differently wired” child. We support you as a parent in developing the skills to become the expert in your child’s life so that you don’t need professionals like us anymore.

therapy for gifted children

Many families we’ve worked with have described our services as being “life-changing.”

It takes courage to take the step to get help from professional therapists like us.

Yet, if you’re struggling and haven’t been able to get the help you need, it may be time to reach out to our specialized therapists.

Life can be easier for your family.

If you’re tired of trying to do it all alone, contact us to find out more about how child therapy can help.

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