Marni Choice-Hermosillo, Ed.S.

Marni Choice-Hermosillo, EdS, NCSP

Gifted Testing Specialist

My experiences with the gifted population started at a very young age. For years, I listened to my mom advocate for the gifted population as part of her occupation as a coordinator for gifted education in Lake County, Illinois. Then in 1997, I moved out to Colorado and began interning at a testing center for the gifted while working on my degree in school psychology. This experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the academic and social/emotional needs of the gifted and twice exceptional. In 2005, I was blessed with my first child who clearly falls under the twice exceptional umbrella and has been identified as GT through the schools. Although he is GT in many ways, he is also an underachiever and often looks “average” in the eyes of his teachers. In 2009, my daughter was born and, although she has not yet been identified GT, she is much more likely to be a traditional gifted and talented learner who is also a high achiever. These personal experiences have helped me tremendously in my work with GT and 2e students.

Professional Background

In 2001, I graduated with an Ed.S. degree in school psychology through the University of Denver and was licensed by the state of Colorado. At that point, I formally began testing at the gifted center while concurrently working in metro area school districts. I continued to refine my assessment and counseling skills with this unique population over the years and became quite passionate about advocating for their needs. Although, I am not always able to work with GT or 2E students in the schools directly, I cherish any and all opportunities when they do come across my caseload. Currently, I am in the process of completing my PhD dissertation in school psychology through the University of Denver. This dissertation will focus on gifted and talented students and the perceptions of their parents.

Personal Life

When I am not working, writing my dissertation, advocating for my own children, or managing a busy household, I enjoy hiking with my two large dogs, watching my kids’ many activities (including swim team, rock climbing, tennis, dance and gymnastics) or just relaxing in the peacefulness of nature.

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