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Mackenzie Martin, M.A., LPCC

Mackenzie Martin, MA, LPCC

Child and Family Therapist

For me, being a therapist is much more than a career: it is a calling. It is a calling to live my own life in the constant pursuit of honesty and growth, and to help others learn to be their very best selves. I am honored to work with children and their families in addressing whatever challenges they are facing. I consider each opportunity to connect with a client, to assist them in navigating their own personal journey, to be a true privilege for which I am grateful.

Growing up in today’s world can be overwhelming at times. I believe that a strong, healthy therapeutic relationship can allow children and teenagers the opportunity for the true self exploration and expression they desire. As a client-centered therapist, I believe that everyone is the foremost expert of their own experience, and that collaboration and compassion are the foundation of a purposeful and engaging therapeutic relationship. I have the ability to connect with each child or teen in a supportive and distinctive way that acknowledges their unique strengths and challenges, as well as their family and community dynamics and systems. I work in the spirit of collaboration with children and their families helping them to discover and navigate the pathways to improve their lives through therapy.

Professional Background

I have over seven years of experience working with children and adolescents and helping them overcome significant challenges. I have experience working with ADHD, social skill development, communication skills as well as developmental challenges and learning disabilities. Play, art, writing and narrative therapy techniques are the tools I use most often in my work. I also enjoy introducing nature, music and sensory methods when working with clients.

I have specialized training in Mindfulness practices which has served my clients in overcoming their anxiety and alleviating their depression. Being mindful empowers clients to be aware of their thoughts and feelings and where they come from, and to live in the present with a sense of intentionality and purpose. I spent two years providing therapy in schools and have experience working with teachers and contributing to IEPs. This experience has allowed me to gain unique, first-hand knowledge about the dynamic challenges children and adolescents face in the school environment today.

For those interested in credentials, I earned a Master’s in Counseling from Regis University and am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate.

Personal Life

I am a proud Denver native and have been blessed with a large extended family, all of whom continue to live in CO. I am also a huge Denver Broncos fan and enjoy watching the games with family and friends. Like many Coloradans, I love being in nature. It is there that I truly experience my own personal peace, which allows me to connect with the world in a deeply meaningful, soul-cleansing way.

I believe that in order to be an effective and inspiring therapist, I need to first prioritize my own mental and physical well-being. With respect to my own self-care, in addition to practicing mindfulness in daily life, I also make time to meditate and practice yoga. When I’m not working, reading and listening to music, I enjoy laughing with loved ones, escaping to the mountains, and being with my sweet, naughty cat, Leo.

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