Kristine Zytka, EdS

Kristine Zytka, EdS

Testing Specialist

As a school psychologist, I view myself as an advocate for children and their families. It is important to me to ensure that parents’ voices are heard, that they feel understood, and that we can work collaboratively together to support their children. I am passionate about promoting social justice in education, connecting with students, and being a “lifelong learner” to be the best practitioner that I can be. Through my coursework and experience in the field, I have recognized how often gifted children are misunderstood and misdiagnosed because of their unique social-emotional characteristics. It is important to me to support this overlooked population, continue to educate myself about giftedness, and share knowledge with practitioners to better support gifted and twice-exceptional learners. My dissertation research focuses on better understanding characteristics of giftedness through behavioral assessment. I anticipate that this research will contribute to the field of school psychology by helping practitioners understand giftedness, prevent misdiagnosis, and ensure that gifted children are supported appropriately to promote positive academic, social, and emotional development.

Professional Background

In 2015, I graduated with an Education Specialist degree in school psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I then decided to pursue a doctoral degree in school psychology at the University of Denver. During my time in Colorado I have worked as a school psychologist and as a graduate research assistant at DU. As a school psychologist, I have had experience working with children of various ages; preschool, elementary, and high school. My experience in school settings includes administering and interpreting educational and psychological assessments for the purpose of evaluating academic, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. I also provided consultation with parents and teachers and counseling for students diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. I enjoyed working on a systems-level to help implement classroom and school- wide prevention programs, completing functional behavioral assessments, developing behavior intervention plans, and working collaboratively with school staff on multidisciplinary teams to support students academically and behaviorally. I am excited to be able to be able to apply my professional experiences from within the school setting to my work with students and families in the community.

Personal Life

I have loved living in Colorado since there is always something to do for fun. I enjoy going to concerts, taking road trips, camping, hiking, going to Red Rocks shows, and spending time at the park. I also love to travel, go out dancing, stay active, eat sushi, learn new things, and find appreciation for the little things that life has to offer every day.

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