Dr. Diane Guerra, Psychologist

Diane Guerra, PsyD


Staff Psychologist, Denver office

I would say I’m a lifelong learner. I am continually exploring as much as I can within the fields of psychology and neuropsychology. Having two children with different educational experiences and needs led me to focus my attention to the strengths and challenges inherent with ADHD, learning differences, and giftedness.

For most of my professional life, I have specialized in various types of assessment, including psychodiagnostic, psychoeducational, and forensic evaluations. I recently completed a postdoctoral residency in neuropsychology and am excited to bring that new perspective into my work with individuals who are gifted, 2e, and neurodivergent. By helping to identify giftedness, learning differences and ADHD, I can help individuals and families as they make educational and/or occupational decisions for their future.

Specializing in Assessment

I have always loved solving puzzles and view assessments as a way to solve a puzzle of what is and what is not working for a particular person. By working together in a collaborative process, I hope we can find the answers to whatever questions an individual may have. The collaborative model I follow is, “you are an expert in you, I am an expert in psychological assessments.” By working together, we can understand a person’s unique strengths and create a plan to understand and address unique challenges.

Professional Background

I have been conducting psychoeducational, psychodiagnostics, and forensic assessments for over twenty years, since I began my first year of graduate school at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology. In my training placements, I worked at various mental health agencies in Denver that focused on providing assessment services. After earning my PsyD, I continued my focus on assessment until I recently completed a two-year postdoctoral residency in clinical neuropsychology.

I earned my MA and PsyD from the University of Denver and have been a licensed psychologist in Colorado since 2005. Over the course of my career, I have worked with children, teenagers and adults in a variety of settings, conducting psychological and neuropsychological assessments, and psychotherapy. I am excited to continue my work providing specialized assessment services at PEAK.

Personal Life

I am always working to find that work-life balance. I have two incredibly active children who are involved in a range of activities including piano, acting, rugby, gymnastics, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, rugby, volleyball, mountain biking, parkour, rock climbing, soccer and swimming. You can usually find me driving my children from one side of town to the other and listening to audio books while I wait to drive them to their next activity. On weekends I also find time for myself, when schedules allow. I enjoy mixed martial arts and currently have a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and enjoy Muay Thai kickboxing; I’m an assistant coach at my MMA gym. I love to read and usually compete with myself to see how many books I can read in a year.