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PEAK Exceptional Services is pleased to offer executive function training to children, teens and adults. This summer we are offering an intensive training for Middle School students (entering 6th grade through 8th/9th) and invite you to join us.

What is Executive Function?

Executive functions of the brain are cognitive functions that activate, integrate, and control other functions of the mind. Think of the conductor of the orchestra. The conductor has to be able to get each musician of the orchestra to play together, in harmony, on beat to make beautiful music.

Students need the skills for the conductor in their brain to successfully bring together all of the pieces to complete tasks and achieve their goals. EF thinking skills “allow us to create a picture of a goal, a path to that goal, and the resources we need along with way.”
Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, Dawson & Guare, 2010, pg. 2

Summer Boot Camp for Middle School Students

PEAK Exceptional Services is hosting a 3-day workshop (plus a parent session) at our Northglenn office in August 2018 for middle school students to learn practical skills for school success. If your middle schooler struggles with any of the following, consider registering for the Executive Function Boot Camp to give them an intensive introduction to these skills. Signs of lagging executive function abilities:

  • Poor organization skills
  • Trouble remembering to turn in homework
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Low motivation or follow through
  • Trouble keeping track of belongings
  • Frequently misplacing important items – papers, assignments, books

Dates and Details

Dates: NEW this year: A session just for parents of participants on August 6th from 5:30-7:30pm. Kids will attend the boot camp on August 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2018 (Tues/Wed/Thurs) from 9:30-11:30am each day.

Location: 11990 Grant St, Northglenn, CO 80233

Fee: $375 per student

** The summer Boot Camp is now FULL **

Registration information for a Boot Camp in late August/early September is coming soon!

In the Boot Camp, students will practice strategies for:

  • Learning Style Preferences – Know yourself as a learner and how you enjoy learning best
  • Motivation – Learn what motivates you and how to accomplish something even when you don’t want to
  • STOP (Situational Awareness and Intelligence in the Classroom) – Learn how to “read” a situation using the STOP method to be successful in any situation
  • Task Planning (Get Ready, Do, Done) – Learn this 3-step method of successful task completion
  • Long Term Project Planning – Learn how to plan for success when you have weeks to complete a project
  • Time Management (Time Robbers) – Learn how to manage time, hold time, and figure out what steals your time
  • Organization – Learn how to manage materials and plan for success

*A Parent session will be held on August 6th, before the Boot Camp begins to introduce parents to the concepts their students will be learning and practicing. Parents will also receive detailed handouts on the information covered in the executive function training each day.

*All participants will receive a high quality academic year planner, designed specifically for kids who are “organizationally challenged.”

** Can’t make it to the summer boot camp? Or, do you have a student who could benefit from individual help with these skills? No problem – we offer executive function training year round for students (and adults) of all ages! Contact info@peakgifted2e.com for more information.


About the Facilitator

Elizabeth Morarie

Elizabeth Morarie is a passionate advocate for gifted and twice-exceptional students.  She is a teacher and executive function coach dedicated to helping Gifted and Twice-Exceptional students to be successful in the classroom and beyond.  Elizabeth says, “It is my privilege to work with teachers, parents, and students to implement academic and behavior interventions that enhance the educational and life experience. Learning is my passion and I truly enjoy helping students learn about Executive Functioning.  I love to learn, share what I know, and share a lot of joy and laughter along the way.”


Read Elizabeth’s complete bio here.


Link to Executive Function Workshop Registration Form

Registration is now OPEN! Space is limited, so register early.