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//Liz (Gardner) Glennon, Individual and Family Therapist
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Liz Gardner Glennon, Child and Family Therapist in Northglenn

Liz (Gardner) Glennon, M.A., LPC

Individual and Family Therapist
Clinical Director of Counseling Services

As a child and family therapist, my philosophy is simple: No person exists on an island and connecting to the systems around us is key to our therapeutic success. Parenting is never easy, no matter the problem a child faces. Bravest parents are the ones who are willing to seek support and partnership with their parenting struggles. In working with you, I will take the time to understand you for your specific story and offer further professional guidance to enhance parent-child, sibling, and peer relationships.

I specialize in helping children and teens who are experiencing difficulty socially, at home, or at school related to giftedness, learning differences such as ADHD or learning dyslexia. My focus is on supporting you and/or your family through the myriad of complicated dynamics and unseen or unspoken needs constantly occurring in relationships. I believe that most (if not all) hurt occurs in relationship to another. My first goal is to find those hurts that can so easily slip under the radar. We then work together to translate them to patterns and, as your partner in this journey, intervene and heal. My therapy and counseling experience with teenagers, children, and their families for the past six years has taught me that there is nothing more important to contentment and hope than feeling confidence in your primary relationships.

Professional Background

I am a Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s of Art in BioPsychoSocial Therapy. I earned a psychology and sociology degree in undergraduate school at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. My Master’s degree was completed at Nyack College in New York City where I was faced with numerous social, emotional and cultural complexities. Since completing my degrees, my post-graduate training included family and systems work with hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent being trained in and refining my skills as a Functional Family Therapist (FFT) and Multi-Systemic Therapist (MST).

I have worked as a supervisor over a team of family therapists, coaching and mentoring them through highly complex cases. Both FFT and MST have years of evidence-based research to back them up, and this training has taught me to use treatment interventions that are based on work much bigger than my own thoughts or opinions! I have also been trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a focus on Cognitive Restructuring as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Again, both evidence-based approaches have proven to be wonderfully successful in my client’s lives.

I moved to Colorado from New York City in 2015 where I have been working as an outpatient child and family therapist engaging adolescents and families with issues that range from trauma to ADHD and everything in-between.

Personal Life

I live with my partner in the North Denver community. We enjoy the incredible restaurants we find in Denver as well as paddle boarding and hiking with our 6-month-old puppy. We’re constantly settling arguments between our puppy and our 12-year-old cat, while cooking up our own yummy food and spending time with family on weekends. I’ve lived all over the country and all over the world- traveling as much as I can and enjoying learning about each community I visit. I hope to build roots in Colorado and travel only for fun here on out!

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