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//Dr. Kamila Cass, Licensed Psychologist
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Dr. Kamila Cass

Kamila Cass, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

If someone were to tell me several years ago that working with gifted, 2e, and children with learning disabilities would become my passion, I would have been surprised! It took a home-grown experience to launch my career in this direction. Among my children there is both giftedness and dyslexia, so I know first hand the unique feelings and concerns parents have when their child has exceptions. Navigating the school system and advocating for one’s children is an ongoing process and I am eager to share my knowledge and experience in order to help other families.

I have a passion for understanding human nature. I was drawn to psychology because I wanted to help others and alleviate some of the suffering in life that can be overcome. This led to specialization in cognitive therapy (patients have referred to it as “mind surgery”). This evidence-based model is particularly effective for children and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders, and poor self-esteem. I also believe that when working with children, the family system must be included. This is the key to lasting change and positive growth. Experience with system-related models, like multisystemic therapy, has provided a grounding for working effectively with families. Adding other evidence-based techniques from cognitive-behavioral traditions (including ACT, DBT, REBT, exposure therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches) helps target specific symptoms and change maladaptive beliefs. Understanding each family’s unique needs and building a strong and trusting relationship is at the heart of my philosophy of assessment and treatment.

Professional Background

I graduated summa cum laude from Skidmore College where I studied psychology and philosophy. My master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology are from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I was trained as a generalist but also specialized in eating disorders. I was fortunate to be able to move to Colorado for my pre-doctoral internship at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I worked with college students, conducting ADHD assessments and individual and group therapy. I completed my post-doctoral hours in Colorado as a multisystemic family therapist in Lakewood. My family then made a move to New Mexico, where I worked in both private practice and hospital-based settings providing therapy and assessment services to children and adults. I also focused intensely on learning cognitive therapy and attained Diplomate status in cognitive therapy through the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. It was during these years that my children’s unique needs and struggles were becoming apparent and my focus changed. This summer we moved back to Colorado (where we intend to stay!) and I am grateful to join the team at Peak Exceptional Services.

Personal Life

Home is where my heart is, and I enjoy spending time with my husband and children. I’d like to say I have “hobbies,” but most days are filled with homework, tutoring, school meetings, playdates, and house cleaning! Being in nature, going on bike rides, and reading are ways I spend the free moments in life.

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